Abigail Lancaster
Abigail Lancaster
First Name Abigail
Second Name Emmy
Surname Lancaster
Biological Information
Age 16 years old
Sex Female
Date of Birth April 16th 19xx
Height 5'7" / 1,70 metres
Weight 132 lbs / 62 kilograms
Eye color Forest Green
Hair color Russet Brown
Race White
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Personal Information
Occupation Student at Montgomery High; YouTuber
Family Michael and Maria Lancaster (adoptive parents), Daniel, Samuel and Jamie (adoptive siblings)
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Residence Montgomery, Alabama (USA); currently resides with parents
Nationality Canadian
Nickname(s) Abby, Abs, Lia
Skills Photographic memory, skilled guitarist
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Hobbies Playing guitar, hanging out with friends, making videos, reading
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Abigail Lancaster is a sixteen-year-old YouTuber, currently residing in Montgomery City, Alabama with her family.