Paralyzed is a novel idea, plotted out and partially written out by Pokémon Ranger Alex.


In the year 2148, The Dominion has been terrorizing parts of what always was known as Europe, slowly spreading through the rest of the continents. In the middle of Europe, there's only one country which can defend itself from these monsters.

Anare is a small country filled with forests, only a few cities and mainly consisting of towns. Their pride and only protection against The Dominion and their vicious Mutants are their Warriors. Uniting together in the East, South and West Academies, the teenagers aging from fifteen to twenty-one years of age are trained to battle against Mutants and to defend the small towns and larger cities Anare holds.

Paralyzed follows the story of Second Year Elina Alden, seventeen year old and an exeptionally skilled Warrior, battling with her trusty blade and also a member of the EDF, the Eastern Defence Force, one of the only direct battlers against the Mutants. Being a member of the EDF isn't an easy job and includes fighting directly in the enemy's base.

The more time Elina spends in the EDF, the more she finds out about what the Mutants really are and who created them. The fact that she is unable to work together with her fellow team members is a problem and ensures many things happening within the team itself.

Upon being captured and shortly after released by the enemy, Elina isn't the same anymore and dealing with several phobias at once, one more severe than the other. She is determined to hunt down her captor, Red John, and drive the Mutants and The Dominion out of the country. However, her fears stand in her way, mentally as well as physically challenging her. Will Elina be able to succeed..?


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